Welcome To Our Cloud Nation


Welcome to We Share Abundance ~ The United Stares of the World!

There is no fee or obligation to become a citizen, and as a citizen, you are entitled to free allocations of our currency each month.

As it’s free and without obligation you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please note that we are a non-separaitist community, not recognising gender, colour, creed are any other superficial difference. We see all citizens sinply as human beings, all part of one big family and all linked together; all unique and therefore all equal.

All you need to do to become a citizen is to register; you will need a sponsor ID for the registration form.

Once registered you should complete your KYC Identity validation which will allow you to withdraw any earnings.

You will receive $5 once you have verified your email, completed your profile and verifies your ID. This $5 will be added to your US$ Wallet, which is for information only, and funds will be transferred from there to your ShareHope Wallet on the first of the next month. Please read the https://weshareabundance.com/small-print/ page of the website.

Our objective as a nation is to spread happiness and joy, and by doing that you will find that all your dreams and goals will be accomplished and you will find YOUR path to true, everlasting, personal happiness, which is the only real measure of success.

The steps below are what we advise every citizen to explore and understand after registration; they are not requirements.


  1. Register

  2. Complete KYC

  3. Explore the dashboard and public website

  4. Consider your options

    1. Pools

    2. 777 Plan

    3. ShareHope Plan

    4. Easy Business Builder

    5. Poverty Crusher

    6. Mall

    7. Play Games

    8. MultiplyWesa

  5. Fund Your Account

  6. Join any of our programs to enhance your income and share them with others to enhance your happiness.

  7. Read this page to find YOUR path to true happiness in life.


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Thats it!