Frequently Asked Questions....

About We Share Abundance

Q: What is We Share Abundance?
A: We area community (an Online Nation) of like minded people who seek more than just material gains. A community built around service to others for the good of all.

Q: Is We Share Abundance a Ponzi / HYIP / Pyramid Scheme?
A: We do not require any payments from members to operate or to generate disbursements, nor do we need to expand our community in order to make these disbursemements. We are therefore nothing like a Ponzi, HYIP or Pyramid Scheme.

Q: What is the requirement to join We Share Abundance?
A: A will to participate in the growth of and the will to add value through service to our 'nation'.

Q: Who can join We Share Abundance
A: This is a Global community accepting members from any country, creed, class, race etc. or anything else you may perceive as a difference. Here there is no difference and all are treated equally.

Q: Can I join We Share Abundance For Free?
A: There is no fee to join but members who do not add by participation in Staking at least Pool 1 (which may be done from the income we give you, see Staking below) are removed after 3 months

Q: Can I own more than one account?
A: No! Only one account per household is allowed, to encourage families to work together and promote true family values.

Q: Can family members living in the same household have their own account?
A: No! Only one account per household is allowed, to encourage families to work together and promote true family values.

Q: Do I need to buy anything to earn?
A: No there is no purchase of any kind required to generate income as a member.

Q: Who are the owners of We Share Abundance?
A: We Share Abundance is owned by the community in the same way that the USA is owned by the citizens of the USA. There are teams who look after and maintain the servers, programming development, support and general administration in the same way civil servants run a nation.

Q: What time does a new day start in We Share Abundance?
A: Our day starts at midnight UTC which is the same as GMT so no matter what time zone you are in our day will always be based on UTC.

The Economy Of We Share Abundance

Q: What is the economy of We Share Abundance?
A: Our economy is based on the value provided by our members, to each other and those outside our community. This value is  calculated in US$ and distributed among the members monthly in the form of WESA Tokens.

Q: What is the WESA Token?
A: WESA Tokens are our currency in the same way that The USA has the US$ and England has the £.

Q: What is the benefit of buying the WESA Token?
A: WESA Tokens may be used in the community to buy products and services offered; they may also be Staked to increase income generated for tasks.

Q: Is there any benefit of owning WESA Tokens and not being a part of WSA?
A: WESA Tokens have in the past increased greatly in value and so may be bought with a view to benefitting from future rises in value. This is speculative as in the purchase of Bitcoins or US$ or any other currenct be it fiat or crypto.

Q: What is the value of a WESA token?
A: This is determined by supply and demand outside our community and trading takes place freely on the Waves Exchange. Within our community there is a Guaranteed Minimum Value calculated by demand within the community each month: the Guaranteed Minimum Value may be increased by the formula used but can never be reduced.

Q: What does Guaranteed Minimum Value mean?
A: It simply means that members will always receive the highest possible value for their WESA Tokens within the community.

The Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of WE Share Abundance

Q: What do I receive for becoming a member of the WE Share Abundance Community?

A:  There are multiple benefits including, but not limited to...

  • Belonging to a positive, loving, caring sharing group

  • Knowing that simply by participating you are helping fellow members and generating money for charitable works.

  • Automatic income generation for yourself from the completion of tasks as simple as logging in to your account.

  • List building leveraged through multiple levels.

  • Downline building for Online Business Opportunities.

  • Free advertising to fellow members through an internal messaging system.

Q: Who can I message?
A: Anyone in your personal network i.e. those you personally refer and people your referrals refer through at least 2 levels: and people allocated to you each month randomly in a Bonus Pool made up of at least 5% of all our unstaked members. You can also message people in Pools you join (see Staking information below)

Q: How often can I send messages?
A: There are 3 windows for sending messages.  Window 1 is from the 1st to the 8th  of the month; window 2 is from the 9th to the 16th of the month and window 3 is from the 17th to the 24th of the month. At present you may only send 1 message to each Pool in each window although there will be changes made to this in the near future.

Generating Income With We Share Abundance

Q: How can I make money as a member of We Share Abundance?
A: There are simple tasks to perform which automatically credit members with a cash value. At the time of writiing this (May 2020) the only tasks available for reward are the initial setting up of your account and the daily logging in to your account to read messages from other members.

Q: How much do I get from setting up my account?
A: A Total of $2 from 3 tasks... 1. verify your email; 2 complete your profile; 3. Add your wallet address to receive your withdrawals.

Q: How much do I get from logging in each day? 
A: 1 cent per day, but this can be increased by Staking WESA Tokens.

Q: Are there any other ways I can make money here?
A: Yes, 3 ways! We have a random FREE lottery system each month for Staked members. There is a lucrative referral plan. You can earn from promoting offers to fellow members.

Stake And Reward In We Share Abundance

Q: What does it mean to Stake WESA tokens?
A: Staking is NOT A PURCHASE! Staking is the act of depositing WESA Tokens for a contract period and in return your rewards are increased.

Q: Why should I Stake in We Share Abundance?
A: Many currencies offer rewards for staking but none offer as much as the returns in We Share Abundance which are at least 50% PROFIT for a 30 day period. This is like having your cash in a 30 day deposit account at a bank but making 20 x as much in a month as you would be lucky to make with a bank in a year. It just makes sense!

Q: What do you mean by "at least 50% Profit"?
A: We have a Power of One Club (more in the referral program about this) that can boost your profit to as much as 95% a month on a monthly Stake and a massive 114% a month for annual Stakes.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum Stake? 
A: The minimum Stake is $2 worth of WESA Tokens and the maximum (at present, May 2020) is $100 worth of WESA Tokens.

Q: How much more do I make if I make a Stake?
A: You receive 5% of the total value Staked each day you log in to your account

Q: How do I make a Stake 
A: There are 6 Pools we have and each is Staked separately and must be in order. So Pool 1 must always be Staked and Pool 2 must be Staked next, then Pool 3, then Pool 4, then Pool 5 and finally Pool 6. Staking all 6 Pools grants you status as an ELITE Member. It is optional to Stake Pools but if you do not Stake any Pools your membership will be ended after 3 months.
NOTE: There is NO reason for any member not to Stake a POOL as you earn enough to Stake Pool 1 at the end of your first month by completing your set up, logging in each day and reading all your messages.

Q: Why do you have Pools?
A: The reason for the Pools is to provide you with additional benefits as a member of our community. As you Stake any Pool you become a member of that pool and are placed in a 5 x infinity companywide matrix for the pool; this matrix is randomly sorted each month and dependent on your random positioning you receive additional people you can message and the chance to win one of our many FREE prizes.

Q: What is the difference in the Staking of the Pools?
A: Each Pool Stake increases in value as shown below...

  • Pool 1 stake is $2 worth of WESA Tokens per month and increases your daily log in reward to a total of 10 cents (10x as much as an unstaked member). 

  • Pool 2 Stake is an additional $3 worth of WESA Tokens per month and increases your daily log in reward to a total of 25 cents

  • Pool 3 Stake is an additional $5 worth of WESA Tokens per month and increases your daily log in reward to a total of 50 cents

  • Pool 4 Stake is an additional $10 worth of WESA Tokens per month and increases your daily log in reward to a total of $1.00

  • Pool 5 Stake is an additional $20 worth of WESA Tokens per month and increases your daily log in reward to a total of $2

  • Pool 6 Stake is an additional $60 worth of WESA Tokens per month and increases your daily log in reward to a total of $5

Q: How long does a Stake last?
A: There are 2 options; the most popular is to stake for 30 days and returns you a total of 150% (30x 5%) which is made up of the return of your Stake plus a generous 50% profit. The second option is an annual Stake where you pay 10x the monthly Stake for 12 30 day periods; this increases your initial outlay but also your profits because your stake is reduced by 16.67% but your returns remain the same.

Q: Can I have multiple Stakes in the Pools?
A: No. You can add as much time as you wish to a Stake in a Pool but will only get rewarded for 1 position. There is a probability that in the future a secondary Stake will be allowed for Elite members but this will not be Pool based.

Q: What happens if our pool stake expires prior to the end of the month?
A: You should always keep your Pools Staked to make sure your rewards are consistent. You may add extra time to your Stakes at any time and so there is no excuse for being "out of benefit".

Q: What is a matrix system?
A: A matrix is commonly used in MLM and network marketing plans and is the way members are placed in line for benefits. A common example is a 5 x 5 matrix where referrals can only be placed to a maximum of 5 people directly beneath their sponsor. This can create what is known as "spillover" if a person refers more than 5 people, the others needing to be placed on the next level benefitting the members on the first level. This sounds great but in practice rarely occurs. It is also a fact that in any conventional matrix plan 80% of the members MUST lose to pay benefits to the 20% who gain.

Q: What is the WSA matrix?
A: The WSA matrix works in the same way as a conventional matrix but the BIG 2 differences are that because it is given free no-one ever loses AND the 20% that gain are randomly selected each month so everyone can be a "Top Earner" regardless of their ability.

Q: Isn't random sorting of the matrix unfair on the people who sponsor a lot of members?
A: Great question! It would be very unfair if we didn't reward sponsors in a very lucrative way, separate from the FREE matrix payments. Remember also that we are a community based on sharing, but not in an unfair way!

Q: How can you pay a return of 50% on funds staked?
A: The reason Staking was introduced was twofold and used widely in the Crypto currency area. One, it allows people earning currency to make higher profits and so attract people to mining currencies in whatever way is applied. second, it removes some of the currency from the marketplace reducing supply without affecting demand and so increases the value of the currency. The percentage paid is calculated in WSA by a US$ value but when paid is in the form of our own currency which has a built in limit of supply and so the greater the US$ values earned the more the value of WESA Tokens increases. It is not about making a profit that is distributed, it is about the creation of wealth through the size, efforts and talents of our community.

Q: How long does it take to earn in the pools?
A: Income is accumulated each day you log in and paid into your US$ Wallet. At the end of each month the value is calculated in WESA Tokens and transferred to your WESA wallet where it can be used in the community for Stakes or purchases; or withdrawn to the Waves Exchange where it may be traded for other currencies and ultimately transferred to your local currency

Q: When all my stakes in Pools 1 through 6 expire, must I renew each one of them or may I renew only Pool 6?
A: Pools must all be renewed; you cannot be a member of any Pool except Pool 1, without being a member of the Pool below. If a Pool expires before a higher Pool the higher Pool will be suspended until the lower Pool Stake is renewed.
Example: If you joined Pool 1 on the 1st of the month and then joined Pools 2 to 6 on the 5th of the month, Pool 1 Stake will expire before Pools 2 to 6 and if not renewed all Pools will be suspended and you will be treated as an unstaked member until Pool 1 Stake is renewed; consequently, you will be earning 1 cent a day log in reward not the $5 a day as an Elite member.

Q: Will Stake renewals be done by the system or must I do it manually?
A: We are introducing the option to select automatic renewal of Stakes but at this time (May 2020) the function is not activated.

Q: When are staked pools paid?
A: Rewards are placed in your US$ wallet daily and transferred monthly to your WESA wallet

Q: If I let my staked pools expire will I have to register again?
A: As long as you renew at least Pool 1 within 3 months you will retain your membership. If you are removed by default or request, readmission will not be automatically allowed.

Referral Income Plan

Q: Where do I find me referral link
From the dropdown menu in your back office select downline. Affiliate links can be used with any page in the website. EXAMPLE: If you want to use the home page with your link and your username is goldhere your link will be and this will carry through all pages and you will appear as the referrer in the registration page. (if you are testing this make sure you are logged out or use an incognito window). If you wanted to use the getting started page the link would be and so on; you just add
/?u=goldhere on the end of any page URL, of course changing goldhere for your own username.

Q: How much do I get paid for making a referral?
A: Nothing! But you do get paid 10% through 2 levels on any amount your referrals Stake or Purchase.
Example: You refer A who refers B and B Stakes all 6 Pools for a total deposit of $100; Both You and A receive $10 as a reward for B's Stake without any need for special qualification.

Q: When is the referral income paid?
A: It is credited instantly to your US$ wallet and transferred to your WESA wallet at the end of the current month.

Q: Do I get paid if my referral renews a Stake?
A: Yes, its exactly the same as if it is a new Stake and so is genuine Generational Recurring Income.

Q: Do I have to pay tax on my income?
A: You are obligated to obey the country of your residence laws on all matters including taxation. This is your responsibility as an independent agent of We Share Abundance.

Q: Do you have any bonus plans to increase my income?
A: Yes! We have what is probaly the easiest and most lucrative bonus plan ever devised. It's called the 'Power Of One' and can increase your total income from all sources, including Stakes and free lottery awards, by as much as 30%

Q: How do I qualify for the 'Power Of One'?
A: Its as easy as just referring just one new member in a month who Stakes Pool 1 in the first month of joining. That's It!

Q: What is meant by "as much as 30%"?
A: The bonus increases each month you qualify, starting at 10% and increasing by 5% each consecutive month you qualify upto a maximum of 30%. If you fail to qualify in any month you start over at 10% the next month you qualify; so its good to make sure you refer at least one new Staked member every month.

Q: Is there a cap on my earnings?
A: No the only limit is your ambition.

Q: Do you have training and promotional tools to help me make referrals?
A: At present (May 2020) we have very little to offer, but intend to provide more assistance in the future.

Q: Can I refer a charity, church or a club?
A: Yes any legal entity may become a member. It's a great way for them to generate income and you can also benefit BIG TIME!
Example: You refer an organisation that has just 100 members and all their members join as Elite members each earning a minimum of $50 a month. The Organisation earns 10% a month of the total Staked which is $1,000 a month; and because you referred the organisation you also earn $1,000 a month. It's a win/win/win situation. You win, the organisation wins and the members of the organisation all win! Imagine referring an organisation with 1,000 members or 10,000 members!

General Questions

Q: Are members required to provide personal identification and why?
A: Yes. When a member wants to make a withdrawal they must first satisfy the "Know Your Customer" (KYC) protocol. This is protection for our community against money laundering accusations and for the community members against fraud.

Q: What documents are required for KYC verification?
A: A valid photo ID such as a passport, national identity card or driving licence; a 'selfie' of the member holding the ID submitted; a valid form of address verification from a document no older than 3 months clearly showing the members name and address. This can be in any official format such as a utility bill, bank statement, tax return etc.

Q: What is the benefit of becoming a Elite Member?
A: Elite members' benefits include but are not limited to....

  • Making a minimum profit of $50 a month,

  • Inclusion in the rotation for new members referred by admin.

  • List building through unlimited levels

  • They have a greater say in how the community operates

  • Will have the option of making secondary Stakes (once introduced) if they are also 'Power Of One' qualified.

Q: Can I advertise other businesses/opportunites to my downline?
A: Yes. Especially to your personally referred network which can quickly build to thousands of members. 
Example: An Elite member refers 3 new members who each refer 3 and so on.... He would have 3 on level 1; 9 on level 2; 27 on level 3; 81 on level 4, 243 on level 5; 729 on level 6; 2,187 on level 7 and so on to unlimited depth!

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Currently (May 2020) we accept WESA Tokens or PayPal, but that is likely to change in the not too distant future.

Q: Do you anticipate accepting Bitcoin for purchases at anytime in the future?
A: Definitely YES! Also other Alt Coins

Q: Is there a Refund Policy?
A: Yes, all members are totally risk free. If you are not happy at any time, no time limit, we will refund you any Staked amount less profits earned. A refund will also mean removal from membership and a loss of any other benefits.

Q: Are there withdrawal fees?
A: At present (May 2020) there are no fees for withdrawals

Q: What happens if I don't access my account daily?
A: You won't receive a log in reward for any day you don't log in.

Q: Is there anyway I can contact admin if I have issues?
A: Yes. There is a support desk which is the best option but there is also a contact page on the website.

Q: What if my question isn’t answered on this page?
A: Contact support

Q: What is the minimum withdrawal in WESA Tokens?
A: This will vary depending on the value of WESA but is currently (May 2020) 0.5 about $6

Q: What is the maximum withdrawal in Wesa tokens?
A: This will be unlimited as we grow and Token liquidity improves; but at this time (May 2020) the withdrawals are restricted to enable all members to sell Tokens more easily by matching total withdrawals to demand. The amount allowed to be withdrawn is shown on the withdrawals page of this website.

Q: Is there a Pay It Forward (PIF) plan?
A: No official plan but some members elect to do this by transferring Tokens to their referrals

Q: Will hackers be able to withdraw money from my account if the system is hack?
A: No system is ever 100% safe but we are as good as is possible in this area and include many special features to thwart would be hackers

Q: What are your plans for the future?
A: Unlimited expansion of ideas, products and benefits far too great to mention.

Q: Do you have any other products in the pipeline?
A: Many, but probably among the first will be the sale of advertising to the community in various formats.

Q: What is the best way to fund my account to get started?
A: It depends on your personal circumstances, but many choose PayPal for easy instant funding.

Q: If I have an issue or need to contact support how long does it take to get a reply?
A: Support answers all tickets within 24 hours and is often much faster depending on the day and time of day.

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    30th April 2020

    no answers showed up on the questions FAQ.

    • Graham Frame
      30th April 2020

      its a work in progress 🙂

        11th July 2020

        How to create a WESA wellet address?.

        • Graham Frame
          11th July 2020

          Watch videoes on Waves Help Page

    • augustinus jackson
      14th May 2020

      Hi Support

      I need more information before to join.

      You says the best way to fund my account to get start ?

      For me , is it not possible to fund my account with my visa credit card is it possible to do it.

      I used PayPal already for payment services and don’t want to used because I lose money for using that service of PayPal.

      Thanks for co operation
      Augustinus Jackson

      • Graham Frame
        14th May 2020

        All the information is on the site – if you join or not is your decision

      • John
        6th July 2020

        Here’s another way of looking at it. You you don’t want to use Paypal, because you lose money. Question – Will not using Paypal, take another month to fund? If yes, then you have lost $25. Yes, it’s $25 more for Paypal. If it takes a month to exchange from FIAT to WESA for staking, then you have lost a whole months earnings. i.e. $50. So you are then behind $25 for NOT using Paypal. Paypal is a fantastic option. Well worth using. Especially if it’s hard to find BTC in a country.

        • John
          6th July 2020

          Remind your referrals as well – If they use Paypal to stake all 6 pools within 24 hours of signing up, they get a $25 rebate. So all is balanced.

      • Amy Regan
        12th July 2020

        How do you lose using PayPal?

        • Graham Frame
          13th July 2020

          No-one loses regardless of the deposit options

          • Eric Ashley
            31st July 2020

            Hi Graham,

            How do I participate in the Free Lottery? Am I already entered into the lottery automatically if I am subscribed from pool 1 through pool 5 now?

          • Graham Frame
            31st July 2020

            Yes you are in the lottery if you have a stake

      10th June 2020

      How do I transfer funds from my Paypal account to fund my WESA Wallet to enable me do the staking?

      • Graham Frame
        10th June 2020

        Just use it directly to Stake from your account dropdown menu “Options”

    • 12th June 2020

      How can I stock my pools need help please

    • Ameerah123
      28th June 2020

      I think it’s a great idea to have, and it’s even a great in progress

    • 4th July 2020

      I’m need know good how to share and getting the commission WSA?

    • Nana Kwasi Asante
      5th August 2020

      My country is not listed in Paypal, can I use Bitcoin

      • Graham Frame
        6th August 2020


  • Donna Sears
    4th May 2020

    Where can I find my referral link?

    • Graham Frame
      4th May 2020

      Under downline in the dropdown menu – please also see Training and Updates in the Facebook Group

      • Donna Sears
        13th May 2020

        Thanks. I found it and have been sharing it like crazy

  • Fred Chance
    6th May 2020

    Where are the answers? Second person to report this, so it must be a scam!

    • Graham Frame
      6th May 2020


    • Jim
      17th May 2020

      Fred, I don’t think any program will provide the answers for you. My own life partner is also skeptical of this because of her nature.
      To call it a scam without even seeing where it may take you as a free member tells me that you are not ready for anything but scams.

      I believe that being skeptical my nature is not a bad thing. I also believe it has cost you much in life, including some happiness.

      • Jim
        17th May 2020

        Oops, I submitted “my” instead of “by”. Please excuse that.

    • Jariya Farook
      29th July 2020

      Hi Fred Chance.
      At first sig you cannot call a program a scam. First of all read the manifesto
      and have a chit chat with the people who are in it. Also read the reviews. Search in Facebook ,go through the comments. In FAQ it’s clearly mentioned you have the freedom to leave with your earnings . you could have been a victim of all those mushroom online sites which originated in 2015 mostly ended up as scam. I am glad I saved many from so called scam sites .Trust Graham and involve in business

  • 7th May 2020

    Graham, I did a quick read through of the FAQ page – good job.
    It summarises most of what your vids have been explaining.
    But it’s a pity some people draw their own conclusions without taking the time to even follow the training (program explanations) you have provided for us all to access.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Graham Frame
      7th May 2020

      Thanks – I have been helped by the members in compiling the list – we are a team 0 a community as one!

      • 1st July 2020

        Sir, I have missed my 5 $ on 23 rd or 24th of June so kindly get back me my amount.

        • Graham Frame
          1st July 2020

          Put in a support ticket

        • Priyaranjan Mohanty
          16th July 2020

          Please provide steps and video for kyc process, thank you sir in advance

          • Graham Frame
            16th July 2020

            Put in a support ticket for information

  • Zanele
    7th May 2020

    Hi I want to be a member.

  • Peter Kwong-Wah
    8th May 2020

    What email address can I send my kyc details to?

    • Graham Frame
      8th May 2020

      Upload them to support desk

  • 8th May 2020

    Graha, thanks for the work put into the faq’s. I have been a member since 2019 and I found the faq’s very helpful.

  • Magdi Antoun
    10th May 2020

    Hi Graham, great job. Very helpful Q & A

    There a typo in the following :
    Q:What is the difference in the Staking of the Pools?
    A: Each Pool Stake increases in value as shown below…
    Pool 1 stake is $2 worth of WESA Tokens per month and increses your daily log in reward to a total of 10 cents (10x as much as an unstaked member).

    increses should be increases.

    Thank You for this great Opportunity.
    Kind Regards
    Stay Safe.

    • Graham Frame
      10th May 2020


  • Delightsome Chukwumaeze Okalla
    13th May 2020

    Hey Graham , you did very good job.
    I want to be a good member of this program.
    Together lets make lives meaningful.
    Thanks and get blessed.

    • Graham Frame
      13th May 2020


    • Steven
      16th June 2020

      Hello! Graham if I loose my phase will I have start all over? Thank You!

      • Graham Frame
        16th June 2020

        I presume you mean if your Stake expires? When it expires then you need to re-stake and if you have read your messages you will have sufficient funds to do that.

  • Donna Sears
    13th May 2020

    Hi. Each day we have messages to read. When I open and read them, I am told that I have to wait 5 seconds to be credited for reading the message. How does that work and where can I find the credit

  • Marty Martin
    13th May 2020

    Great info but KYC needs more Q and A ..Maybe even link going to where have do it..i dont see nowhere in support section just where download Nothing..Thanks Have a Blessed day and i know each day is a progress..Forward and Beyond!

    • Graham Frame
      13th May 2020

      I think there are too many questions and answers already!
      What exactly do you want to know?

      • steve
        7th June 2020

        Hello Graham,
        My suggestion would be to have on each members dashboard/backoffice, where he or she can submit their KYC, to enable consistency in accounts, and also it could be more easily accessed by the admin to verify each account.

        • Graham Frame
          7th June 2020

          This is on the to do list but at present we are allowing verifications and processing them to facilitate withdrawals

        • Ogunleye Olusola
          8th June 2020

          Thanks for your good work.I want to plead that you allow the use of visa and MasterCards for purchase on the platform instead of only PayPal. PayPal has its own problems when using to pay and charges high fees.Moreso,it is not available for all countries.

          • Graham Frame
            8th June 2020

            It is a temporary measure and will not be available at all in the future – we will be 100% crypto later!

  • Richard Neale
    18th May 2020

    Hi Graham

    I have recently joined and already I can see that your intentions in bringing us WESA are honourable and I applaud you.Its so refreshing to see a genuine offering such as this. I have been a member of a number of crypto platforms and the genuine and honest ones are few and far between. I am therefore very picky!

    I would happily recommend this to my parents and for me that is the ultimate test which im happy to say that you have passed.

    Have a blessed day!

    • Graham Frame
      18th May 2020

      Thanks! I recommend you use a gmail account as yahoo tend to block verification and automated messages.

      • 24th May 2020

        My verification messages were blocked for several hours (gmail).

        I was just patient and kept requesting a new verification email until they started coming through. (took 15-20 times)

        It seems that is one way to train the spam filters they got something wrong. Good luck!

        • Graham Frame
          25th May 2020

          Thats good to know – thanks!

        • 22nd July 2020

          I have never had this problem with gmail.
          I wonder if it could be avoided by white-listing.

  • Jonathan
    24th May 2020

    Hello, Graham. I only have paper form of national identity card given to me by the government. Is it acceptable for KYC?

    • Graham Frame
      25th May 2020

      only way to find out is by submitting it.

  • 24th May 2020


    I see you responding to all the questions. Who else is working alongside you as administration? Very intriguing concept here.

    • Graham Frame
      25th May 2020

      Usually just me here but a more knowledgeable team operates our support desk and sometimes answers here too using my account

  • Petya
    28th May 2020


    Where I can find support desk to send my KYC documents?

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Graham Frame
      28th May 2020

      link in top menu of the website

  • Joseph
    6th June 2020

    How can I change my email address

    • Graham Frame
      6th June 2020

      Contact support

  • 6th June 2020

    I see that we do have a referral link
    but i also see that you don’t have any banners to promote can you not put some up online?
    promoting with a banner link does help as most sites you are promoting on expect a banner to be uploaded and not just a link
    just a thought as i wish to use it on my own website i am admin of.

    • Graham Frame
      6th June 2020

      there have been some created that are in the facebook group

    • 30th June 2020

      Catherine, I made a similar inquiry through the Support function.
      That team (?) advised me to make my own banner and splash pages, using the Facebook ones as a guide.

      There are apparently none pre-made for us to use so far, although the ones I saw on the Facebook page at least look good as templates.
      I am unaware of any approval process, but I don’t imagine a problem as long as we stay truthful.

  • Magdi Antoun
    9th June 2020

    Hi Graham,

    A typo In the USD Wallet Description.

    Daily login reward for pool 4 memebrs (Members)

  • Modestus
    12th June 2020

    Hi Graham, please apart from PayPal, can I use bitcoin to fund my account?

    • Graham Frame
      12th June 2020

      yes use bitcoin to buy WESA Tokens in Waves and then you can fund your account with the WESA – see waves help page of the website

  • Modestus
    13th June 2020

    Please Sir, can you explain more about one household, thanks.

    • Graham Frame
      13th June 2020

      what is there to explain?

  • tom
    17th June 2020

    hi, what is the daily things to be done exactly with we share abundance? and about how much time does it take? thanks.

    • Graham Frame
      18th June 2020

      Log in and read any messages – 2 minutes!

    • Graham Frame
      18th June 2020

      see on site videos and FAQ

  • Guy Branchaud
    22nd June 2020

    just want to be sure
    The pools are amontly subcription?

    • Graham Frame
      23rd June 2020

      Pools are not a subscription, they are a deposit for a contract period and are returned in full plus profot by the end of the contract. It is optional to Stake again but most do as it makes sense.

  • Hector Chavez
    24th June 2020

    Hi Graham, I am in the pool 1 , a) to stay in pool 3 , must I pay for the pool 2? and b) for the pool 1,2 and 3 every month?

    • Graham Frame
      24th June 2020

      you cannot join nay Pool other than Pool 1 without being in the previous Pool. Pool contrats are for 1 month and re staking is your option – read the FAQ page

  • Emmanuel Chiedozie
    24th June 2020

    Where can I add my personal identity card

    • Graham Frame
      24th June 2020

      Contact support and upload it there if you have already staked a pool

  • 28th June 2020

    Hi Graham
    I have new members join from my link, I only have a user name ,how can I contact them can I e-mail them?

  • Ameerah123
    28th June 2020

    Where can I get my refferal link

    • Graham Frame
      28th June 2020

      in your dashboard

  • Sougrakpam Singh
    5th July 2020

    Can I join all the pools from 1 to pool 6 at the same time or shall I join one by one?

    • Graham Frame
      5th July 2020

      Yes; many join all at same time

  • Bobby Graham
    6th July 2020

    Hi Graham,
    Thank you for adding funds for me into WSA.
    Would you please advise how I’m able to transfer some to another wallet ie paypal ?

    • Graham Frame
      6th July 2020

      See Withdrawals Rules page of the website and FAQ’s

  • Brajendra Kumar
    9th July 2020

    How can we use coin payment

    • Graham Frame
      9th July 2020

      Use to make a stake with your Cryptos other than WESA

      • Brajendra Kumar
        10th July 2020

        Thank you sir

  • Jimoh Sunday
    11th July 2020

    Can I use my visa and MASTERCARD to withdraw from WSA to my local bank?

    • Graham Frame
      12th July 2020

      All withdrawals are paid in WESA to your Waves wallet

  • Jill
    12th July 2020

    I’m not sure how to withdraw funds. Withdrawal requests are only allowed on the 1st-2nd of the month and depending on size of the request is when they get sold over the next 10 days or so, then trade the coins for some other alternate currency. Where do you trade those alt coins, how do you get actual cash back to your PayPal account, & must you have a website? I’ve read your rules, but don’t understand. Your response is greatly appreciated and determines my joining/staking. Thank you.

    • Graham Frame
      12th July 2020

      We accept withdrawals at any time as long as you are KYC verified.
      Once withdrawn you can trade them on the Waves exchange where they currently trade at over $14 each

  • olabanji
    16th July 2020

    please i need your help. i wanted to log in to wesa wallet but made mistake of opening another account using the same email address. how will no this issue affect my money because i cannot open the real one i have on the dashboard