Several Citizens have asked me about my meditation and so I decided to add this page to the website.

My journey leading to helping set up this community started over 20 years ago when I read the book Autobiography Of A Yogi written by Paramahansa Yogananda. I was an atheist but always loved my fellow man and was influenced from early childhood by the poem you can read below.  I also had a great interest in the power of the mind and had taken Jose Silva training and followed that by becoming a Master Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist.

After reading the Autobigraphy Of A Yogi  in which the author invited people to try meditation I decided to take up the challenge.  Most people within about 9 to 10 months reach the state of becoming initiated into Kriya Yoga but even after over 20 years I do not feel worthy of that, so you can take hope from my struggles.

All I can say is that meditation has changed my life for the better so why not give it the chance to do the same for you? 

Below you can click on the image to download an introduction to Highest Achievements Through Self-Realization and should you choose to take the lessons which are $90 you can submit a receipt to support and they will credit your member US$ Wallet with the $90 so that you can participate absolutely free.

God bless, Graham