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NOTE: Graham ( the admin for the program) will be in the Facebook Group Live at 7 pm. GMT (2 pm. EST) to go through the launch and answer your questions

The position price for Ambassdors/Founders will DOUBLE after we launch. If you want a position or another position buy now before the increase. This is your chance for guaranteed 100% passive income.

Last updated 6:58 a.m. GMT 18th Feb, 2020


SAWWP Tokens are already trading at 0.00009995 BTC (just under $1 each) and we have not even launched yet!

They will soon be in double figures!

Buy now with Bitcoins or Asimi on the Waves Exchange 
You get
1 SAWWP for just 20 ASIMI that's about 5 cents for one ASIMI; 
a better rate than anywhere else and
SAWWP WILL be at $5 each in under a month!

This is Phase 1

Phase 1 is simply to get ALL members into profit quickly with....

  • No Expense 

  • No Selling

  • No Recruiting

Subsequent phases will be released to enhance members profitability.

Please read the Small Print here.

  1. I am expecting the move to this site to happen in early February; no fixed date yet, but looking likely to be a matter of days rather than weeks!
  2. When we move all your data will be transferred and ant balance on your account will be transferred to the US$ Wallet in We Share Abundance.
  3. Your links to the old goldmailer site will still work, so if you have any ads running they will be redirected to the new site (here) and will carry your affiliate information with them. However, any new campaigns you run after the move should be with your new link direct to this site.
  4. As soon as we move you will be able to earn rewards calculated in US$ and added to your US$ account. Initial rewards will be for
    1. verifying your email address (if already done in it is not necessary to do this again and your account will automatically receive the appropriate credit of 50 cents),
    2. completing your profile. Make sure all information is valid and verifyable becasue we will need to implement KYC (Know Your Customer) measures to satisfy the authorities and protect against fraud. This is worth an additional 50 cents.
    3. Adding your SAWWP wallet information from your account; this is neccessary so we can pay you each month and will earn you an additional $1.
  5. The above initial rewards total $2 but may not be withdrawn by free members. However, they will be sufficient to upgrade to Pool 1 Membership and as a paid member you will then be entitled to withdraw your future earnings. Additionally you will be in the Pool 1 matrix which is randomly sorted each month and adds the potential of additional PASSIVE income from the matrix.
  6. Additional rewards will be awarded to you each day you log in to your account and these increase in value as you join more Pools. There are 6 Pools in total and membership in all 6 makes you an Elite member where benefits are the greatest and the position every member should seek to achieve as soon as possible. Elite members earn $5 a day just for logging into their account and also have the potential to earn additional passive income from all 6 Pools.
  7. Daily log in rewards will ALWAYS create a profit over and above the fee for Pool memberships at any level. Thus as long as you log in each day, your whole program becomes not only self funding but also profitable.
  8. At the end of each month (about the 25th) your income will be transferred from your US$ wallet to your internal SAWWP wallet where it may be used to purchase services and products we offer (e.g. Pool memberships) or withdrawn to your wallet and converted to other Cryptos or cash. This transfer is subject to Qualification as follows...
    1. 100% transferred if you have sent all the messages available to you ( in most cases this is 3 a month; 1 in each widow. Windows to send messages are 1st to 8th of the month, 9th to 16th of the month and 17th to 24th of the month)
    2. 75% transferred and 25% forfeit if 1 available message is not sent.
    3. 50% transferred and 50% forfeit if 2 available messages not sent.
    4. 25% transferred and 75% forfeit if no available messages are sent.
  9. This is Phase 1 Beta and will have the shopping cart fully functional for the use of SAWWP Tokens (attracting a 20% discount) or PayPal. The option to pay with BitCoins will be added soon after the move takes place and will attract a 10% discount.
  10. ALL shopping cart payments generate 10% commissions for the sponsor and the sponsor's sponsor (2 tier structure). This can be very lucrative as explained in the videos here, which I recommend you take the time to study and understand. 
  11. All Pool memberships after the move to WSA will run for a calendar month and no matter when first ordered will run from the 1st of the following month and become payable again the 1st of the next month. Example: you order Pool 1 membership on 3rd Feb 2020 it will not become active until 1st March 2020 and will be due for renewal on 1st April 2020. Existing members will be granted membership the the end of the current month when we move regardless of when their renewal would have been due in GMC.
  12. Withdrawals: To make a withdrawal you will need to meet the KYC rules and so verify both your identity and your address. This need only be done once and we will provide a simple way to upload your documents. So make sure the information you add in your profile is verifyable and the address is not a PO box.

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  • James Wheatley
    31st January 2020

    It would be appreciated if changes made could be highlighted

    • servantofthelord
      31st January 2020

      The suggestion will be passed on. Thanks!

  • Kristian
    31st January 2020

    Great job!

    Looking forward to watching this grow!

    • servantofthelord
      1st February 2020

      Better to help it grow rather than just watch!

      • Francisco J Duran
        10th February 2020

        I want to learn how to do this please help l need your support .l have not website what to do please? I want to know how to connect with the system. Thanks.

        • Graham Frame
          10th February 2020

          Just register with and then promote your affiliate link. Once we launch everything will be transferred here to the WSA site.

  • 31st January 2020

    How do I upgrade to level 3 without paying for level 1 and 2 again this month?

    • servantofthelord
      1st February 2020

      This is a bug in the old site which will be fixed in the new site

  • Kevan
    31st January 2020

    Anything worth having is worth waiting for
    I for one am especially grateful for this program been put together.

    • servantofthelord
      1st February 2020

      Thanks and I assure you it will improve not only your life but the lives of many throughout the world

  • 1st February 2020

    So I leave In the USA I need to know if is possible for the US residents to join the team or leads ?

    • servantofthelord
      1st February 2020

      It is available globally – we accept and help members from anywhere

  • 3rd February 2020

    Thanks for the updates. Recognizing that this is a major project and not a cookie cutter website. May you have peace, patience and wisdom. Steve

    • Graham Frame
      3rd February 2020

      Thanks all are needed LOL!

      • 4th February 2020

        Am more than Excited to have known you and this program as well..Am looking forward to making a change and better the Life’s of many Globally especially NIGERIANS

        Thanks for putting this program together for the Betterment of All!

        Thank you!!!

  • Darren
    3rd February 2020

    This will be huge

    • Graham Frame
      4th February 2020

      even bigger than huge!

  • 4th February 2020

    Congratulations SOTL this is a marvellous effort and we are thrilled you have got this far

    • Graham Frame
      4th February 2020


  • 4th February 2020

    Graham looking foward to see it in full steam! Great effort! Using your words! God Bless

  • Anderson Ojenike
    4th February 2020

    Never seen this anywhere before! Atlast I can smile.

  • Kevan Cowley
    4th February 2020

    seen this price on waves, I thought someone was just trying to bleed me for an inflated price
    However Graham confirmed it was a bargain price to get one for under $1
    Thats nearly 100% increase from last time I checked
    #Happy Days

    • Graham Frame
      5th February 2020

      Will only go up!

  • Ramesh Sawant
    6th February 2020

    i am already a member of the as a part of absolutely free club. Can I earn as a free member of WSA ?

    • Graham Frame
      6th February 2020

      of course! as soon as we are ready we will transfer all members to we and rewards will be active based on your membership level

  • Marvin LeRoy Davis
    7th February 2020

    It is exciting to see things moving along. I already have a Waves walled from another program. I do not see the SAWWP listed. Will it come into the wallet later? Or is there something I have to do to see it listed on the exchange? Thank you

    • Graham Frame
      8th February 2020

      it is on the exchange – if you want to see it pinned in your portfolio there is a video that explains how on this page see adding SAWWP as an asset.

  • Misal Alfred Edison
    8th February 2020

    Great work sir.

    • Graham Frame
      10th February 2020

      Thanks but it is the work of the members that is more important than my contribution.

  • 21st February 2020

    Como consigo una cuenta

    • Graham Frame
      21st February 2020

      Tiesne que espera hasts todo es vivo en una semana

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