Please understand this plan is designed to build wealth and security for you and your family for generations. The idea is to build your ShareHope Fund as big as possible so that ever increasing withdrawals will always be available for generations to come.

EXCITING Compensation Plan Video Below - The plan should be up and running by the middle of January. BUILD THE POWERLINNE NOW - EVERYONE THAT JOINS AFTER YOU CAN ENHANCE YOUR INCOME!

Main points and benefits…

  • Free to participate. We give you a $5 gift for completing your profile and KYC – this can be leveraged, through additional gifts for logging in daily and reading any messages, in no longer than 10 months to Active Elite Status which is  participation in all 6 pools.
  • Winnings from our free monthly raffle can massively reduce the time to attain Active Elite Status.
  • Once Active Elite Status is reached withdrawals are activated in accordance with the ShareHope plan.
  • Some members choose not to wait for withdrawals and so choose the option pay the $100 out of pocket to reach Qualified Active Elite Status and not have any delay, activating withdrawals from the ShareHope wallet. This deprives them of the 12 months to build a balance in their PPIP fund and so we gift them a $1,000 deposit to their PPIP Fund to compensate.
  • Everyone who joins We Share Abundance is placed as a FREE Enrollee in “The ShareHope  Powerline.”
  • Everyone who joins the “The ShareHope  Powerline,” after you has will enhance your income as long as you upgrade to Paid membership in the same week as them or in any week before them.
  • To become a Fully Paid Member is $2.50 a week paid as $10 every 28 days.
  • You can benefit as a free member by referring paid members and earning a referral commission of $2.50 for every $10 paid by your direct referrals.
  • Paid members receive $5 referral bonus every time a personally referred member pays their $10.
  • Paid members are also entered into a Community wide forced 2 x 15 matrix with a potential to pay out $3,276.80 a month even if you never refer a single person.
  • The Community matrix will also progressively activate ranks Believer to Trailblazer, creating automatic withdrawals from the ShareHope wallet of upto $100 a month.
  • Paid members also have a Personal 3 x 10 matrix with a potential of $4,376.19 per month.
  • The Personal matrix also has a 50% matching bonus on all personal referrals income from the same matrix. That’s a potential extra $2,188 a month for each referral you make.
  • Additionally the Personal matrix opens up ranks faster than the Community matrix and opens all Ranks from Beginner to Soulmate activating automated withdrawals of upto $10,000 a month form your ShareHope Wallet.

Automatic Withdrawals from Your ShareHope Wallet Based On Your Rank

 Rank Bonus
Beginner $          1.00
Achiever $          2.00
Pioneer $        10.00
Visionary $        20.00
Pathfinder $        30.00
Trailblazer $      100.00
Explorer $      500.00
Innovator $   1,000.00
Partner $   5,000.00
Soulmate $10,000.00
  • Beginner: Complete Level 1 in your Personal Matrix or Level 4 in the Community Matrix.
  • Achiever: Complete Level 2 in your Personal Matrix or Level 5 in the Community Matrix.
  • Pioneer: Complete Level 3 in your Personal Matrix or Level 6 in the Community Matrix or Buy this level for $100 in Pool Purchases paid from your Available Cash Wallet. This effectively makes the plan paid for life with a $100 one time payment.
  • Visionary: Complete Level 4 in your Personal Matrix or Level 7 in the Community Matrix.
  • Pathfinder: Complete Level 5 in your Personal Matrix or Level 8 in the Community Matrix.
  • Trailblazer: Complete Level 6 in your Personal Matrix or Level 9 in the Community Matrix. This is the final levekl that can be achieved from your participation in the Community Matrix.
  • Explorer: Complete Level 7 in your Personal Matrix.
  • Innovator: Complete Level 8 in your Personal Matrix.   
  • Partner: Complete Level 9 in your Personal Matrix.
  • Soulmate: Complete Level 10 in your Personal Matrix.