Please understand this plan is designed to build wealth and security for you and your family for generations. The idea is to build your ShareHope Fund as big as possible so that ever increasing withdrawals will always be available for generations to come.

How To Qualify FAST For Withdrawals...

Main points and benefits…

  • Free to participate. We give you a $5 gift for completing your profile and KYC – this can be leveraged, through additional gifts for logging in daily and reading any messages, in no longer than 10 months to Active Elite Status which is  participation in all 6 pools.
  • Winnings from our free monthly raffle can massively reduce the time to attain Active Elite Status.
  • Once Active Elite Status is reached there is a 12 month period enabling WSA to build you a personal liquidity pool ensuring that you will be able to make withdrawals every month and importantly be able to sell your tokens fast and at a high value. This 12 month period also gives you the opportunity to build a large, ever growing, balance in your PPIP fund so that  you will always have cash to withdraw each month.
  • Some members choose not to wait for withdrawals and so choose the option pay the $100 out of pocket to reach Qualified Active Elite Status and not have the 12 month delay, activating withdrawals immediately. This deprives them of the 12 months to build a balance in their PPIP fund and so we gift them a $1,000 deposit to their PPIP Fund to compensate.
  • You can also instantly become Qualified for withdrawals (as long as you have Active Elite Status) by referring a member who elects for the option to pay the $100 out of pocket. In this instance you will qualify for a $10 withdrawal at the same time as your referral.
  • There are no limits to the number of referrals you can make and no time limits; each one that upgrades increases your withdrawals by $10 a month.