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  • Aleksey Barkin
    10th May 2020

    Good video!

  • 14th May 2020

    Yes, this is an incredible program and remember guys you can earn for FREE!! Just stake pools from your earnings that you get from logging in daily and reading emails; it is wonderful inddeed; a great blessing that the world needs right now!

  • Melody
    24th May 2020

    I started my account just two weeks ago, and I found it amazing to see my US$ account increase by $5.00 a day… just for logging in and reading some emails!
    I am 79 and never thought this would be possible: earn some cash money while doing good for people in the world!
    What a concept! Thanks to my friend Werner as my sponsor, and Thank you Graham for this opportunity to help my dollars grow!

    • Graham Frame
      24th May 2020

      Glad to have you as a member of our community.

      • Gidudu Godfrey
        30th May 2020

        I’m still figuring it out but it looks to be good site

        • Graham Frame
          30th May 2020

          WE have an amazing community – join us!

      • Alhassan Yoor
        31st May 2020

        This program is awesome! Can’t believe it! I joined and in 2 works I have earned over $60…I didn’t even stake all pools but through the monthly lottery, I have already started my journey to Financial freedom.
        Don’t sit on the fence! This is the best time to join WeSA.

        • Graham Frame
          31st May 2020

          Right place and right time!

      • Inger Droog
        31st May 2020

        Thank you! I am seeing the incredible value of being here!

        • Graham Frame
          31st May 2020


    • Saha
      31st May 2020

      i am new this website. I cannot understand faqs of make money. You can tell me how can i make money…please

      • Graham Frame
        31st May 2020

        just register and follow the getting started steps

  • trizzah
    29th May 2020

    trizzah from kenya am ammazed i have never earned online i joined yesterday and i have some $ pending am exited

  • deepak
    3rd June 2020

    can any one explain me what to do…in this site and send me the link to join..and help me to earn

  • 7th June 2020

    Hello Graham !

    Im having all sort of problems to get verify with I just use Coin base to buy BTC with my Visa and WESA token to start staking some levels ?

    • Graham Frame
      7th June 2020

      Of course! You can use any system you wish 🙂

  • Derrick
    7th June 2020

    I don’t understand when you say staking what does it implies to system

    • Graham Frame
      7th June 2020

      Please read FAQ’s

    • Leon B Miller
      12th July 2020

      Means that you have joined the Pools there are 6, when you join start with pool 1 place in your shopping cart, then do pool 2 and do the same thing, and continue on with pool 3 put in basket and continue pool 4, pool 5, pool 6 in the basket when all are in, you will have $125.00 then check out paying for all 6 pool. Each month you will receive $50.00 and you will renew the purchase and receive $50.00 each month thereafter. This s beside all the other money you will receive. Watch all the video

  • Jim
    7th June 2020

    I started here as a free member, but I saw the value in this program. So I sent a little crypto from various wallets I had in other places to waves,
    which allowed me to stake a few pools—after converting to WESA tokens. I even used PayPal a little. I am not an elite member yet, but plan to be soon.
    I have already started to make money here. Not a lot, but that was not what I was looking for. I wonder where I’ll be a year from now.

    • Josef Akuunda
      15th June 2020

      Thanks Jim! We share abundance is a great opportunity.

  • Frank
    14th June 2020

    If I invest $10 how much can I start earning with daily login and reading mail?

    • Graham Frame
      14th June 2020

      50 cents a day for 30 days = $15.

  • Kevan Cowley
    15th June 2020

    The returns are unreal
    The end of the Month Matrix draw is very exciting
    The Community is Amazing
    Our Dreams are now reachable
    Our futures are now guaranteed
    Come and join us

    • Graham Frame
      15th June 2020

      Why not submit a testimonial Kevan? – there is a form in the Facebook Group.

      • Kevan Cowley
        18th June 2020

        Great minds think alike 😉

  • uzodinma okorie
    26th July 2020

    This is an amazing opportunity . I have earned up to $1000 in 3 months. It is awesome

  • Francis
    30th July 2020

    Why is my earning reduced to 0.1 while I was already earning in pool 2 ? My pool1 just expired do I still need to subscribe pool1? Please you need to increase back my earnings of pool2. Thanks

    • Graham Frame
      31st July 2020

      You must have lower pools active or higher pools will be suspended – read faq page

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