Selling Your WESA Tokens

WESA Tokens are the best totally passive investment I know of just buy them and HODL (hang onto) them for massive gains….

But if you have them and need to sell…..

1. If you hold WESA in your WSA Internal Wallet the only way is through a withdrawal request.
These are processed in the order of the smallest requests first and are converted to a Bitcoin (BTC) value and traded as a block on the Waves Exchange on behalf of the members. WE then use the proceeds to pay members in BTC.
This cuts down on fees for members and avoids members competing against each other to sell tokens.
It also balances the demand for Tokens with the Supply and helps members get the best price for their Tokens.

2. If you have WESA in your Waves Account they are available for you to sell at any time.
However, if you want to make a sale and at the best price it is best to avoid trying to sell for Bitcoins (BTC), Litecoins (LTC) or Neutrino (USDN). WHY?

Simply because when the members’ Tokens are sold as a block and we sell against BTC, LTC and USDN and will always strive to take all the available market in these areas to pay out withdrawals to our members. This means that your attempts to sell will usually be unsuccessful, cause frustration and serve only to drive down the price of WESA to the determent of the community.
This wastes your time and our time and will not get you the desired result of selling your Tokens!

The answer is to sell your WESA for WAVES, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or in fact anything other that BTC, LTC or USDN!
That way you will get a faster sale at a better price than competing with WSA Admin, which will only result in lower prices for WESA Tokens.

We Share Abundance is all about being of service and respecting fellow members and to attempt to undercut the selling price of members who are withdrawing their Tokens is not in the spirit of the community.