To understand WSA you need to understand what our mission is and is not….

It is not to make people rich although some members will become rich.
It is not a magic wand we can wave to end suffering and finacial hardship. It is likely that you have spent many years getting into finacial difficulty so why should you expect an instant solution?

It is a plan to fight poverty on a global scale.
It is a plan aimed at providing $50 in FREE money to any family that participates although the ability to withdraw $50 a month will depend on the liquidity of the WESA Tokens – $50 can help many families struggling below the poverty line to find hope even in countries like the USA and can be a real God send in some poorer nations..
It is to build a community of like minded individuals who seek more than just material gains.
It is a community based on the abundance of Peace, Hope, Harmony and Love shared by all and this will lead to Health, Happiness and Freedom/Liberty

Our Community Prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Bless this community that it may fill each member’s heart with unconditional love.
Through that love may each member find the true joy of service and through service may they attract all they need.

How It Works

There is nothing to buy or sell.
Each family earns rewards for performing simple tasks, such as logging in each day.
The rewards earned vary based on the level of staking, which is a deposit of our internal currency (WESA Tokens) into your account. Initial stakes range from $2 to $100. 
As an unstaked member the minimum earned is 1 cent per day; staking $2 the minimum earned is 10 cents a day and staking at the top $100 level the minimum earned is $5 a day.
The initial stake of $2 can be earned by simply setting up your account….
It is then possible to move through 6 steps by accumulating your income and ultimately staking at the $100 level without ever needing to  use your own money.
At this point your income for 30 days would be at least $150 (30 x $5) but $100 would be needed to re-stake and so your net income will be $50.
Some members choose to use their own money to stake in order to make more money faster as the free route can take several months to reach the Elite Level where you will be making the minimum of $50 income. $100 in your bank account will not earn you anything whilst $100 staked will earn you $50 a month.
Withdrawals are subject to the liquidity of our WESA Token and this is basically governed by the law of supply and demand. The more families we pay out the greater the income we need to create. As an example for every 100 families we pay $50 we need to have a demand for the sale of $5,000 of WESA Tokens and this is the main reason for limiting memberships to one per family as multiple memberships in a family would mean we would not be able to easily help more and more families.
Currently our WESA Token is very new and has a limited liquidity, but as time passes this will grow and allow us to pay many more families and at much higher levels.
At present most of the income generated is not likely to be able to be withdrawn, but the additional income that can be generated from many sources can be viewed as a “Nest Egg in trust” and will be available as the WESA Token liquidity increases.

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

Aesop – Greek Fabulist-Storyteller