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      Respected people, am an Indian old man, very poor, now no work.
      I wish to start some new projects for people india now who is unwealthy.
      By starting new projects we can make good profits and can help poor people.

      1. Edyking

        How do I activate my account

    2. Hannah Lekunze

      I cherish this platform

      1. Jado Samuel

        Hi. Please I need help with setting up my account, staking for other opportunities and when and how I can withdraw.

    3. Nkereuwem Idiong

      Cool site..

  1. Marcio Jose Gonçalves de Sousa

    Ola sou Marcio Jose Gonçalves de Sousa Brasileiro já sou membro , gostaria de me empenhar mas nesse projeto maravilhoso e ajudar muitas pessoas no mundo, mas não estou conseguindo validar meus documentos toda vez que eu envio é rejeitado, e isso me deixou muito triste pois sou servo do D’us vivo é quero muito ajudar meu próximo, a anos prego a palavra do deus vivo e ajudo pessoas quando posso por isso amai este projeto que DEUS abençoe a todos vocês .

  2. Bonny Godbless

    I ami honor to be part of this platform

    1. Agboola Roseline

      Wao! I thank God I join this platform, I have been looking for this type of
      reasonable platform long time ago, but today I found we share abundance, Thank you God, Thank you my sponsor. (Yahwehson)

      1. Mayokun Oyeniran

        Go on moving your business, invite meny people to succeed , because Success without a successors is endquater of is well.

      2. Aime Matunda Pero

        Thanks a lot. Even if I still working hard every day for one year already without withdrawal but I still being confident that one day it will come to me for sure.

        1. Mayokun Oyeniran

          Aime Matunda Pero Good of you, a little grain’s of water and a little grain’s of sand make the mighty ocean. Go ahead and moving forward.

  3. Nwachukwu Chinonso Joshua

    God can never leave whom He have created I bless God for this wonderful opportunity that He gave us I love it

  4. Abel83

    Everything here is just simply amazing! Peace of God 🙏

  5. Scholastica To-Chukwu EZE

    Amazing concept & worthy!! God bless U good for availing yourself with your team to reach out to the world in need in this manner🙌🏾🖐🏾. It can only be God🙏🏾🙏🏾. *Where He guides, He guards*, May God continue to uphold U/Team with His Love, Grace, Strength, Wisdom & Understanding 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️💪🏾☮️

    1. AliBABA

      So Sweet, and i like same u for, Allah Bless on you and all

      1. Esther Elijah

        Thank God I joined this community, it’s good.

  6. ruel lambojon

    i love this group so that i choose to be am member of this group thanks weshareabundance


      I want to register this platform because I trust it

    2. Oluwatoyin Ojo

      Great to be here. Thanks for the invite



  8. Roberto R Aguinaldo Jr

    Great Organisation! I’m truly amazed at how the system works. Have a wonderful day everyone, God bless!

    1. Abdulsamad Karim

      I am finding it difficult to register and i am interested my referrer is no more on the line

      1. Graham Frame

        Put in a support ticket and they will help you to register

  9. Samuel Clinton

    I am very happy to be a part of the great community ,is only GOD knows how i feel anytime I am reading message sent to me by this beloved community the future is here.

  10. Adeyemi John

    The great and reliable Cominty

    1. Petergaiya

      I’m vary happy to be a member

  11. Elieser Díaz

    Solamente es Dios el que puede unir a todos lo crellentes para heser caridades por eso yo quiero pertenece a esta comunidad que Diós nos ciga bendiciendo

    1. King wariboko

      Waooo I really appreciate

  12. Daniel Kiprop Kamatei

    Amazing , we share community once again i want to send my blessing to you all for these group, am really happy to be part of you, my hope has been renewed by wesa community thank all.

  13. Nwobu leo

    God can never leave whom He have created I bless God for this wonderful opportunity that He gave us I love it

  14. Michael Iwuchukwu Iwuji

    Never knew there was a site so awesomely amazing as, ” We share Abundance”. This is where community and commitment meets. I’m so very grateful to the creator of the site. God bless our community of 1

  15. CyrilChukwunedu

    Thanks for the great work with the best way to get the best in the world.

  16. Floyd Smith

    This is a very good community that is amazing honest and fair, I am God
    Servant I am online since 1998 looking for a God kind of opportunity online
    I must admit I believe this is it. I must say thanks to all behind the seen in serving
    This community God blessings to all.

  17. Allen Mason

    What is the website for the Easy Business Builder website, you keep promoting it with Videos but how do I get from WSA to EBB and sign up ?? Or…. What is my Referral Link to that site, it’s great having the Video to Explain it, but frustrating that I can’t find a way to sign up for EBB… I actually joined one, but it doesn’t look like this.

    1. Graham Frame

      EBB is a part of We Share Abundance and as a member of We Share Abundance you are also a member of the Easy Business Builder. Once the new site is launched you will see your membership and access.

      1. Norma Soon

        Thank you Mr Graham Frame

        1. Anenechukwu dominic okechukwu

          God bless the creator of this site🙏🙏

      2. [email protected]

        So I will not open any account for EBB, does it mean that am already on EBB

      3. Razia

        I am new here

  18. Elom dominic

    Wow, I have been looking for this opportunity to make online. But today I found a community called we share abundance. Thank you Lord for everything.

  19. Maritess Idos

    I love this program. Sir Graham you are a great blessing of God to us. Praying that many people will be able to learn and know about we share abundance community. Prayer for your long and satisfying life.

  20. Achadu

    Is very nice to be part of this great family

  21. Babalola

    Everything works here for real, kudos to the management!

  22. Debo Adebodun Abisiga

    God will bless we share abundance

  23. Debo Adebodun Abisiga

    Am happy to be part of we share abundance

  24. Favour

    I need help here, my new referred member couldn’t get his activation link to his account, so I will I resolve this problem

    1. Graham Frame

      if he puts in a support ticket they will assist him

  25. Waaka

    Pls l have joined before can I have my old account back I am waaka adookor

    1. Graham Frame

      If you left and closed your account then your old account no longer exists. If you did not ask for your account to be closed you should be able to log in.

      1. Johnson

        Please sir i desperately need a sponsor to be registered here. Please can you sponsor me in? I will really appreciate if you can help me.

  26. Aime Matunda Pero

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us.

    1. Mayokun Oyeniran

      Aime Matunda, Success is not what we can be waiting for, it is a things which must be achieved. Moving forward without looking back, Where there is will, there is a way. Okay?

  27. Yuriy

    I’m really amazed at how the system works

    1. Charles Thomas

      Can you sponsor me in?

  28. SaturninoGawec

    Hi! Please Let me be in. I have trespass this before and I thank you for its resurfacing…its an opportunity knocking 2X…

  29. Kamlesh Khotekar

    Thanks sir Great Amesome good ways to earn money 💵💰💵

    1. Ronojoy Nath

      Mr. Kamaleshji are you joined with weshareabudance?
      If yes plz give your user name to give me opportunity .

  30. Bridget

    This is one of a kind opportunity sent by the Almighty. Mr. Graham and team God bless you.

  31. Petergaiya

    God bless my sonpso God use him to help me I’m vary happy for pst Edwin amimi I’m vary very grateful sir

  32. Phindile

    God bless me and Mr Graham Frame keep it up to help us is great business opportunity thanks for everything you LL share with us

  33. Nkemakolam divine osorochi

    This website is really good

  34. Augustine Chuks Okoh

    To Mr. Graham, kindly help me out with my Account Login details. I’ve been an active Member for a long time but all of a sudden I discovered I cannot login again even though I’m correctly using my login details.
    When asked to put in my registered Email as I clicked on “Forgotten Password” I was told the Email couldn’t be found in the System. Was my Account deleted from the System without my knowledge and permission?
    Please help me Sir.
    Augustine Chuks Okoh

  35. Osahon James irorere

    Pls I was out of town for work and I lost my phone I could not come online for months how can I get my account back please

  36. Razia

    I am new here

  37. Gbenga Ajayi

    Interesting program that take care of your future

  38. Nwofoke Maureen Adaku

    Thank God that I joined.

  39. Etu Maria Glory

    I am so excited to belong to this noble community, it’s going to be among the leading company as regards genuine and decentralized online business

  40. Okaba

    Is weshareabundance token withdrawable?

    1. Graham Frame

      Yes automatically from your Available Cash Wallet


      1. Okaba

        So weaa token is not withdrawable?

  41. Farzana

    my account is inactive how can i activate my account?


    How can I sign in I never done it before an is not working is requesting for code and some other things which I don’t have

  43. Maria Cristina Arezzi

    Thank you Mr Graham. You can make sense of my days.

    Kinds regards
    Maria Cristiba Arezzi

  44. Ahmad

    Why Withdrawal requests cannot be placed right now?

    1. Graham Frame

      Withdrawals from Available Cash Wallet are automated and paid within 60 minutes of request.

  45. KARANGWA Theoneste

    Sir. Graham, kindly help me out with my Account Login details. I’ve been an active Member for a long time but all of a sudden I discovered I cannot login again even though I’m correctly using my login details.
    When asked to put in my registered Email as I clicked on “Forgotten Password” I was told the Email couldn’t be found in the System. Was my Account deleted from the System without any information about me?
    Please help me Sir.

    1. Graham Frame

      Put in a support ticket with full information for assistance

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