Congratulations on your Registration!

Task 1: Verify Your Email Address –

I suggest you whitelist the address [email protected] and you can learn how to do that by Clicking here. If you can’t see your verification email in inbox or spam then try searching for it as shown in the Video here

NOTE: If you still can’t find your verification email then put in a support ticket here for fast assistance

Please note that one member did not receive his verification email and so persisted in requesting this from the link on the registration page. The result was that after several hours he started getting the links in his gmail account. This story has two morals. One; that persistence in anything is an unstoppable force. Two; that even Google and Gmail will sometimes block valid emails but you can train them to deliver as they should and this will not only help you going forward but also your fellow members.

Task 2: Completing Your Profile

Task 3: Adding Your Wallet

Here are the steps in detail for you…..

  1.  Go to after reading all information about Waves and securing your account here.

  2.  Click “Get Started” top right

  3.  If you need help click icon bottom right for live text chat

  4.  Choose a password and verify

  5.  Agree privacy and terms and click continue

  6. Click create new account

  7. Copy and save account address

  8. Click continue and then add an account name – can be anything you like e.g my waves and click continue

  9. VERY IMPORTANT – click save my seed phrase (box appears top right) this is the only way you can restore a lost account – yoiu need this and should never give it to anyone for any reason. We will never ask for it and waves will never ask for it!

  10. Once you have it safe and saved (the exact spelling and order of the 15 words is essential) scroll down the page and you will see botton right a + sign. Click that +

  11. In the pop up at the top there is a search box, type in WESA and search

  12. Click in the check box for WESA that appears below the search and then click PIN. You now have WESA on your dashboard

  13. Click the down pointing arrow bottom right (when you hover over it it changes to receive) and a box will open with a string of numbers similar to this 3P3qPg81upkmywTPRZpgzdxeFp2vKFBokvC

  14. Copy that wallet address and paste it into the box in your WESA Wallet in your WSA Back Office.

Thats it!

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