On the 1st of every month We Share Abundance runs a FREE Lottery with literally hundreds of prizes handed out to our citizens on a totally random basis.

The value of the prizes may range from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars; 1st September 2020 the top prize was over $10,000 and it tends to increase every month. 

The prizes are allocated to Citizens who have staked pools and we have 6 pools so every member can have up to 6 chances of winning a prize.

Staking is a deposit of our WESA Currency which increases the rewards Citizens earn through service  by completing simple tasks and sharing love and abundance.

A Stake is not a purchase and lasts for a 30 day period at the end of which it is returned to the Citizen plus a minimum 50% bonus.

Why do we have Staking?

It effectively takes WESA Tokens out of circulation reducing the supply against demand and so helps our economy thrive.

Pools must be staked in order and Pool 1 starts at $2 for 30 days returning $3, while Staking all 6 Pools would be $100 for 30 days returning $150.

How do you enter?


  1. Register as a member

  2. Stake as many Pools as you wish

That’s It!
Best of luck in the draw which takes place on the first of the month.

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  1. Akinsola

    So new here but I love the settlement.

    1. Chipiliro Kachingwe

      I love being happy member of We Share Abundance family

  2. Edeson

    I love this platform and am so happy to be a member of weshareabundance.com thanks

  3. Emmanuelamos

    New here
    Love this platform

  4. Mercy

    A member believing God for my share of the token. I appreciate Graham and his team
    for their good work.

  5. Fashola Yinka

    Weshareabundance is a community which helps members of the community to be wealthy… This is a profitable project. We share love, peace and wealth

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