Nest Egg Offer for Members

Buy WESA Tokens at Rock Bottom Prices (Limited Number of Tokens Available)


Every member can help and serve the community with this plan and of course benefit financially 🙂

It has always been our intention to raise funds in this way rather than flooding the exchanges with tokens and this has been a clear objective that has been communicated on many occasions.

This is definitely not for instant profits and any tokens purchased will be subject to a 6 month hold before being released into your WSA WESA Wallet.

Once in your WSA WESA Wallet the ability to cash in on these Tokens will depend on the liquidity at the time.

It is accepted that liquidity wil take time to build, but also expected that it will improve each month, sometimes gradually and sometimes much faster. We aim to have perfect liquidity (when any amount of WESA Tokens can be exchanged quickly and at high value) within 2 to 3 years. This will not be an instant jump but a steady progression with liquidity improving gradually and continuously.

This offer is only be available to ALL Members who wish to help make the WESA Token the #1 Crypto Currency.

Please understand that in taking up Nest Egg offers members will not only be helping themselves to secure a strong future but also helping the community to prosper and grow and playing an important part in increasing the liquidity of the WESA Token.
All purchases will be applied to stabilising and increasing the value and liquidity of WESA.

This special Nest Egg Offer has 2 levels and is available to all members

Level 1 

is for purchases ranging from $2.50 to $249 and offers WESA Tokens for just $25 each with a minimum purchase of 0.1 WESA for $2.50

Level 2

is for a VERY SPECIAL offer in $250 units and limited to a total of 200 units. For each $250 purchase you receive 50 WESA Tokens (That’s just $5 each) PLUS 1 Founders position. The market value of WESA Tokens is fully expected to rise above $300 each within a week of all 200 units being sold and that alone represents a 60x gain on each token with a total worth of over $15,000 for your 50 Token ($250) purchase. Add to this the Founders position benefits outlined below and this VERY LIMITED offer is just too good to miss!
Founders positions have not been available since we started pre-launch in March 2020 but at that time were selling for $500 each. There are many benefits of being a Founder but put simply each position will provide a totally passive, generational income once our active member base reaches 45,000. The income will be calculated as $0.005 a month for every active citizen of our “Cloud Nation”.  This translates as a minimum of $225 a month for 45,000 active members and this is expected to rise rapidly after full launch to 100,000 paying $500 a month and reach 5,000,000 within 2 years of launch at which time the payments will be $25,000 a month.
You can purchase as many units as you wish and the funds will be used exclusively for our strategy to create an ever increasing value and liquidity of the WESA Token, which we know will be over $300 in the very near future and will continue to rise steadily to a strong 4 or 5 figure value in 2022.

By pulling together we can achieve what has never been done before and your part in this, however small you may think it to be, is MASSIVE.

These tokens can only be bought using funds from outside of WSA as if we were selling them on the exchange.  Initially we have 2 options for making the payment; coinpayments (where you can choose from a number of popular coins to pay with) or making a transfer from Waves using USDN coins which are linked to the US$ (1 USDN = $1).

To make a purchase….

Choose to pay by using Coinpayments which is $2.75 each unit due to fees, or by Making a Waves Exchange Transfer at $2.50 each unit (Go to Step 1 below)

For Coinpayments to buy at Level 1 ($2.75 to $247.50), click the coinpayments button below and select the number of $2.75 units you want and then make your payment

For Coinpayments to buy at Level 2 (Multiples of $250), click the coinpayments button below and select the number of $250 units you want and then make your payment

copy your coinpayments TXID (It will look something like this CPEL7IY3SROJ4XCF1FITYQIWPI) and will be sent to you by email (check spam folders). Then proceed to step 4 below.

Or to Pay with a WAVES Transfer….

  1. open your Waves Exchange account and buy USDN or trade existing assets for USDN of the required value (offer cost per WESA Token x Number of Tokens desired)

  2. Then click on the send option for USDN and transfer the amount needed for your WESA Token packs to this address 3PLXdkEgDNQR2C7dLnGRsGV2VttG8d7RwR3

  3. copy your TXID and make sure you press the send button. Then proceed to step 7 Below

  4. open and complete the form here  – (this is where you will paste the transaction link you copied )

  5. once the details on the form have been verified the Tokens will be added to your Nest Egg Wallet on the dashboard in your member area. Please allow AT LEAST 76 hours for us to complete this task manually.

That’s It!

 Thanks for your service and support,

God bless,