Nest Egg Offer for Members

are automated from your members area at 2.5 x market value

This allows members to buy WESAbundance tokens at 40% of the market value subject to availability. Any purchase is instant and non refundable and the tokens will appear in your Nest Egg wallet automatically.

The Tokens in your Nest Egg Wallet mature in 6 months and are then transferred automatically to your WESAbundance Wallet.

Please note that the use of Tokens in your WESAbundance Wallet are subject to withdrawal rules and liquidity issues and are designed to build an asset base and not for “ready cash”.

The availablity is created by tokens from our admin pool and charity pool being available and the funds received are used in accordance with the pool terms. 

Admin pool tokens are used to pay fees and operating costs making the community sustainable and any surplus is used for member benefits.
Charity pool tokens are used to support charitable works outside our community. 

Admin pool tokens are always the first to be sold and only when all have been allocated do we move to sales from the Charity pool.