The Power of One

The easiest and most profitable bonus plan you will ever find!

This is not just a Bonus Plan for members but is based on the overall philosophy of our community in all members doing a little  service for the benefit of the community as a whole.

It is a very easy to accomplish qualification with exciting benefits for every member. The basis is to encourage each and every member to share our community and ideals with at least one person a month; any person who would like to make 50% a month MINIMUM on any cash deposited.

This simply involves Registering and Staking a Pool – no purchase of any kind is ever required and so no selling on your part is required.

If you qualify in any month your total income in your US$ wallet when transferred at the end of the month will be enhanced by at least 10%.

Each consecutive month that you qualify you will add 5% to your bonus up to a maximum of 30% and this means for any member who is staking each month they would receive not just the very generous 50% profit but as much as 95% a month PROFIT!

The qualification level is so low that ANYONE can achieve this and all you need to do is believe in what we are doing as a community and share that with others. Keeping this to yourself is a sin and a disservice to anyone you know.

There will also be additional benefits for ALL qualifying members but the video below shows what can be achieved if everyone just concentrates on referring ONE new member each month.

It gets even better!

If you refer just 1 person in the current month who Stakes all 6 Pools in the current month then your Power Of One Bonus will be doubled for that month. This applies if it is the only person you refer of if it is one of many and so you can earn up to 60% on your total income for the month. This means that a $100 Stake will be worth $240 in just 30 days.

That’s $140 PROFIT in 30 days, where else can you get anything that compares with this?