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Current withdrawal rules for JUNE 2020

Updated 3rd at 4:00 am BST - 

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NOTE: Due to the fall in value of BTC and other Cryptos our prices have been revised upwards. There are existing orders at the old price of 0.00121 which may be left as they are or changed to the new price at the members' option. New sales orders should be added at the new higher rates.


Never put in a sell order that is lower than existing member's orders.   

Once existing orders are cleared additional withdrawal requests will be processed upto a maximum cap of 40 Tokens per member for the month.   

  • Maximum Each Withdrawal 10 Tokens per member

  • Minimum Time between Withdrawals 5 days

  • Minimum recommended selling price for 1 WESA Token against....

    • BTC 0.001285

    • ETH 0.0517

    • USDN 12.202

    • ASIMI  154.5 (Buy ASIMI @ 0.0065)

    • Waves  11.09

  • Apply common decency  and good manners in your dealings and do not shave prices to jump the queue. If you see a fellow member has an order waiting to be completed, regardless of the minimum selling price shown above, either place your order at the same level or wait until the existing order completes.

Rules and prices are subject to change depending on market fluctuations and demand

Withdrawal Rules & Formulas (also read our Charter in conjunction with these rules)

1. To make a withdrawal request a member must first have submitted and had accepted as valid his Know Your Customer (KYC) identity and address verification.
2. Only one withdrawal per month per member is allowed unless stipulated differently in a particular month's documentation.
3. There will be a prime window of 2 days to submit a withdrawal request and this will be the 1st and 2nd day of the month. Any withdrawals submitted after this window will be processed or declined according to availability based on the formula balancing supply and demand.
4. In essence the formula will take the anticipated number of new members for the following month and evaluate the likely demand for Tokens required by the new members. This demand will be the limit of withdrawals allowed and if the requests exceed this figure, the withdrawal cap will be lowered and members’ requests adjusted to match the anticipated demand. Thus it is in everyone’s interest to help the growth of our community and to encourage this we have formulated a, very easy to qualify for, Bonus Plan which can be seen at the end of this document.
5. Withdrawals will be granted in the order of the number of Tokens being withdrawn, the smallest number processed first. These will be in batches the numbers may change but initially will be; 0.1 – 2 Tokens Day 1; 2 – 5 Tokens Day 2; 6 – 10 Tokens Day 3;  The reason for the spread is to allow the smaller withdrawals to be traded and not get blocked by larger offerings.
6. Maximum withdrawal will be capped at 10 Tokens initially and will increase as our community grows and liquidity increases.
7. Once withdrawn the Tokens are yours to do with as you please but if we see activity detrimental to the community as a whole we will restrict further withdrawals to the offending member as follows…
a. 3 month ban from making further withdrawals
b. In month 4 maximum withdrawal will be 20% of the community maximum
c. Withdrawal limit increased each month by 20% subject to ethical behavior in accordance with our Charter.
8. Examples of detrimental behaviors include, but are not necessarily limited to…
a. Deliberately undercutting an existing offer to “jump the queue”
b. Selling at a price deemed to undermine Token value in the market
These rules are in place to secure and maintain the value of WESA for the benefit of all our community members. As we grow it will naturally increase WESA demand and liquidity and our rules will be relaxed accordingly.
We encourage all our members to help our growth by introducing at least 1 Staked member a month and will reward members for doing so by implementing the following Bonus plan.
Introduce 1 new Pool Staked Member and receive an extra 10% on all your income when transferred to your WESA wallet at the month end. Read on it gets even better...

Introduce at least 1 new Pool Staked Member in consecutive months and receive the following total bonus at month end….
 2nd consecutive month 15%
 3rd consecutive month 20%
 4th consecutive month 25%
 5th consecutive month 30%
If any month you do not make a Staked referral then you will need to start all over again with no bonus until you again make a new Pool Staked introduction for an extra 10%.
This means that as an Elite Member your income from just Staking can go from $150 a month to $195 a month. Think about becoming top member on Pool 6 with just 625 Elite members community wide – your payout from this alone can jump from $2,340 to $3,393; that’s an extra $1,050 just for referring 5 people over a 5 month period. Anyone can do this!

Once you understand the conditions and have been verified making a withdrawal to the Waves Exchange is simple. Once your request is submitted it will be chacked and transferred to Waves within 48 hours. The video below shows the simple withdrawal request process...

Once you have the Tokens in your Waves exchange they can be traded or sold as you wish.