1. Adding the function that all deposits of tokens will go to the AC Wallet and so make available the funds for Withdrawal, Staking, Transfer to WESAbundance wallet or Purchases. The AC Wallet transactions are always calculated at the Market Value at the time of the transaction.  There will be the ability for members to deposit to AC Wallet either by Coinpayments, Waves upload or credit/debit card.
  2. The addition in KYC verification of the document type and number for submission of photo ID. KYC ID verification will be a part of the registration process to avoid people having duplicate accounts, essential for the launch of our S.O.AP. plan. It will also have the ability for members to add their name and/or address in their language to match exactly their ID so that we can copy and paste into Google translator and be able to verify documents in foreign language.
  3. We will add an active member function that will only class members as active if they have at least 66% daily login in a month. Active members only can participate in the S.O.A.P plan, win lottery prizes, request withdrawals, renew stakes or make secondary stakes and there will be other things for which activity is a must.
  4. Secondary Staking. This will only be allowed to members who are also already Staking at Elite level. Stakes will be for 30 days and in $100 units of WESA or WESAbundance Tokens only renewable if the conditions are met at the time of renewal (Active Elite membership). Rewards will be paid on login in exactly the same way as Pool Stakes but will not have the month one adjustment. There will be 2 options for staking
    1. Staking from your Available Cash Wallet will be unlimited in $100 multiples. This will pay 0.08333% of stake daily into the AC Wallet for each day logged in and may be enhanced by the current level of PofO. Example: If a member is PofO qualified at 10% he will have 0.091666 transferred. On the 30th day the Stake will also be returned to the AC Wallet in full.
    2. From your WESAbundance Wallet. This is only allowed for active members who are PofO qualified (we will give members a first month to stake without PofO qualification). This will pay the same daily 0.08333% of stake into the AC Wallet for each day logged in and will always be enhanced by the current level of PofO. Example: If a member is PofO qualified at 10% he will have 0.091666 transferred. On the 30th day the Stake will be returned to the WESAbundance Wallet in full. There will be maximum levels of staking allowed here of initially $500 for qualified members and $1,000 for Elite PofO members.
  5. S.O.A.P plan Success OA Plate. This will initially be tested by 6 members who self selected by taking the EBB $1,000 pre-launch offer. Once it is tested and proven to be sustainable it will be released to all active, paid members. S.O.A.P. will allow active paid EBB members to give away “Believer” $2 per month memberships and get paid an instant commission of $3 for every membership given away. The recipient will have the exact same option. The number of gifts available in any month will depend on the member’s level of involvement and will range from 5 per month to 50 per month. A Warrior Chief will have 50 gift spots a month allowing each month to generate $150 minimum in new referrals plus building a recurring income. Full details of the plan will be available once the programming is completed.
  6. Mall will be added where members can sell anything they wish and use the whole membership base as affiliates. There will also be “National” offers available and all sales will carry a 2 tier affiliate commission.

The above is just a snapshot of what will be available in 2022 and just the S.O.A.P. plan alone is expected to explode our membership base into the millions, which will have the added benefits of  boosting our Tokens liquidity and value.

God bless,  

p.s. Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.”  ~ 
Plato – Athenian Philosopher66