We Share Abundance is designed to create happiness found through sharing unconditional love and as a result attracting into your live everything you need to be happy.

Listed below are the simple steps for your path to happiness with We Share Abundance and there is no finacial requirement from you at any time as all levels can be achieved by simply sharing love and abundance with others.

These 4 steps should not take you very long, probably less than half an hour, and only need to be done once to benefit for a lifetime.

If you have not seen the S.O.A.P. overview video It’s recommended that you  watch it now by clicking here – it’s about 29 minutes in length.

Step 1

Register to join our community.
Registration is free and you may even be given a Coupon by your sponsor to pay your position on the first rung of our Business Builder ladder.
Note that Coupons must be used at the time of registration and cannot be used once registration is completed.

Step 2

Verify your email address.

You will receive an email containing a link you need to click and that will verify your email.

This will earn you a $1.50  gift paid to your US$ Wallet.

The video on the right explains the process.

Step 3

Step 3 has been eliminated making registration even easier

Step 4

Complete your profile, making sure that the information entered will agree with your verification documents when completing your KYC (Know Your Customer) ID Verification.
This will earn you an additional 50 cents and you will now have a total of $2 in your US$ Wallet. At the end of the month this will be transferred to your WESAbundance Wallet and from there it can be used to Stake Pools increasing your Gifted Rewards for logging in each day.

Step 5

Complete your KYC ID Verification.

This will allow you to participate in all aspects of our community.

You will also receive an additional $3 making a total of $5 which can be used from the first of the next month to Stake Pools and so increase your FREE Benefits.

You will receive gift WESAbundance Tokens every month and be able to earn instant commissions through our Easy Business Builder plan and any additional plans we will add in the future.

If you joined with a Coupon this will process your automatic upgrade to a paid member in the Easy Business Builder increasing your benefits, potential income and the number of Free Coupons you will receive to help others get started.

ALL Active Members receive allocations of FREE Coupons that you can share with others helping them to find hope and extra income by simply sharing love and abundance.


You are now a citizen and have been entered into the Global Powerline. Each day you log in you will receieve a gift that will show in your US$ wallet; at the end of the month the total US$ balance will be transferred into your ShareHope Wallet building a wealth fund for you and for future generations. Please note that if you do not read all your messages the balance will be reduced as detailed here.