The Small Print

All gifts received from any Wealth Builder source is accumulated in your UDS$ wallet and transferred to your WESAbundance wallet in WESAbundance Tokens on the 1st of the following month; subject to the following qualifications….

  • As long as you read all available messages your income will be transferred in full.

  • Read 60% to 99% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 25%

  • Read 30% to 59% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 50%

  • Read less than 30% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 75%

  • Once income is in your WESA wallet it may be used to re-stake pools or, subject to qualification, withdrawn to your Waves wallet where it can be stored, sold or traded.

  • Note that withdrawals may only be requested after you comply with the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) regulations which require you to provide proof of identity and address, which MUST match the information in your profile.

  • Only Elite Members who are active may request to withdraw funds subject to qualification

  • Inactive Members (those who have not logged in at least once in a 2 month period) will be removed after 2 months with a loss of any income in any wallets.

NOTE: Only one account per household is allowed to withdraw each month and this is tracked by both IP address and physical address.

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  1. Kingsley Israel

    Thank you sir and God continue to bless u.

  2. Anoruo peace chinweudo

    Thank you very much sir

  3. Jarvis Cloud Sr.

    Thank you, understood

  4. John Paneerselvam

    Looks fine. God bless.


    Great experience with wesa.

  6. Felix Jutum

    When can I withdraw my earnings?

    1. Graham Frame

      Earnings are credited to your available cash wallet and may be withdrawn once a minimum of $100 has accumulated there.

  7. Anderson

    So can we withdraw now from my account

    1. Graham Frame

      Withdrawals are automated from your Available Cash Wallet

  8. Precious

    Which wallet is used for withdrawal?
    Tron trc 20 or wesaabundance wallet(waves wallet)?

    1. Graham Frame

      It depends on the plan from which you are making a withdrawal.

  9. Pawan kumar gupta

    wow the great and surprise

  10. Shukurat Adebayo

    Been wondering why I was not upgraded to pool 1. I didn’t know I must read all messages to qualify for payment. Does that mean I have lost my chance of free upgrade as 30cent won’t beenough to upgrade even by next month

    1. Graham Frame

      You need to make upgrades yourself – they are not automatic.
      If you completed your profile and KYC you will have been given $5 which at month end is transferred to your wallet and can be used to buy pools 1 and 2

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