The Small Print

All income derived from any source is accumulated in your UDS$ wallet and transferred to your SAWWP wallet in SAWWP Tokens at the end of each month; subject to the following qualifications….

  1.   As long as you read all available messages your income will be transferred in full.
  2.   Read less than 60% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 25%
  3.   Read less than 50% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 50%
  4.   Read less than 30% of your messages and your income will be reduced by 75%

Deductions will be allocated to a Bonus Pool and distributed to members based on productivity competitions we will run.

Once income is in your SAWWP wallet it may be used to purchase any product or service offered by “” or withdrawn to your Waves wallet where it can be stored, sold or traded.

Note that withdrawals may only be requested after you comply with the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) regulations which require you to provide proof of identity and address, which MUST match the information in your profile.

Free Members may not withdraw funds and can only use them to make purchases within the site.

Free Members will be removed after 3 months with a loss of any income in any wallets.

Purchases on site made using SAWWP Tokens will be at the rate of a guaranteed minimum value, which will never be less than $0.07 each, or market value, on the Waves Exchange, whichever is the greater. The minimum value is likely to be very much greater than $0.07 and determined by market condistions and scarcity.

NOTE: Only one account per household is allowed and this is tracked by both IP address and physical address.

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